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Meet Idris Khan

A Malaysian actor born in Libya, North Africa.

He is famous through the drama Uda & Dara acting with Siti Saleha and Anis Al-Idrus and Zul Ariffin . Idris once participated in the Youth Hero competition in 2007/2008 and managed to become a finalist in the competition. There were also some popular artists who participated in the competition at that time such as Fizo Omar and Kamal Adli .

His Career Journey

Before starting a career in acting, Idris had been modeling for nine years. He once participated in the Hero Remaja competition in 2008 and got the title Hero Macho & Hero Cool .

As a new player in the local entertainment industry, Idris started his acting career in 2015 through the drama Puteri Gunung Ledang which was shown on HyppTV after being trusted by A. Aida Production to act in the drama. He did not think that the drama had become the starting point for his growing interest in acting. In addition, Idris also starred in the TV3 comedy drama Abang Sado Jemur Kain with Cat Farish, Shahz Jaszle and Janna Nick in the same year.

In 2016, his profile as an actor became widely known when he reached the peak of fame through the most successful TV3 drama, Duda Terlajak Laris starring Zara Zya and Wawa Zainal which was adapted from the novel of the same title published by Penulisan2u written by Aifa Batrisya. He played the main role as Zafran Aldrin who was forced to marry at the age of 18.

In March 2017, Idris announced that he would be making a successful Netflix television series soon.

On 25 June 2017, Idris starred in a telefilm titled Syawal Yang Kuinginkan which was shown on 1 Syawal. This telefilm produced by Zeel Production features actors such as Izreen Azminda , Fauziah Ahmad Daud , Azira Shafinaz and other actors and is shown on TV3. In July 2017, he also appeared in the latest drama titled Pinggan Tak Retak, Nasi Tak Dingin , playing the role of Saiful Mizan broadcast on TV3, with his heroine Raysha Rizrose.

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